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When it comes to snack foods, cookies are the best. In today’s market, you can get cookies of every imaginable shape, size, and flavor made by various firms. To meet the demands of your cookie packaging, we provide custom kraft cookie boxes.

If you’re in the cookie or snack business, you’ll want the high-quality packaging found here. Our packaging boxes are available in a wide variety of prints, patterns, and themes for our clients to choose from.

Our high-quality cardboard and printing materials, combined with your unique design, result in personalized boxes ideal for storing, presenting, and shipping cookies. We can accommodate both short-term and long orders, and our pricing for both types of orders is as cheap as you’d like!


What Is So Special About Custom Cookie Boxes?

Our mission is to serve our clients like family as we innovate and discover how to maximize the value of our product packaging. If you own a commercial bakery where cookies are a mainstay, then packaging is probably front of mind.

Given that you need boxes to store and transport cookies wholesale, our team has worked hard to develop solutions that meet your needs. With us, you can enjoy a slew of conveniences that include each of our custom cookie boxes wholesale.

Our Attention To Printing & Designing

All of our cookie boxes packaging are print and design to the highest standards. We have always been obsessed with providing simple, convenient product packaging options. We consider it an opportunity to serve you, and we promise to do all we can to live up to your high standards when you make us your packaging supplier.

In addition, we need to make your bakery goods stand out on store shelves to attract a large customer base. Our team creates something remarkable by combining digital and offset printing methods.

Since we are professional designers, you can rest sure that the design will go off without damage in our capable hands.

In addition to this, we use a wide variety of packaging materials, including but not limited to Kraft paper, corrugated cardboard, paper, and more. All of this helps us shape a brighter future for your companies since packaging is vital to making a sale!

What Is Our Manufacturing Process?

Dealing with us will be a fantastic experience for you since we adhere to standards and value procedures. Our creative staff can produce unique cookie boxes that can endure repeated exposure to extreme conditions. We take the utmost care to ensure that every detail is attended to, beginning with the material selection and ending with the final stages of manufacture (designs, printing, and quality control).

In order to spot problems and implement solutions, our quality assurance staff maintains a comprehensive database. Get the most for your money with no doubts about quality. For the Christmas cookie boxes we provide, we use many color combinations (CMYK, Pantone matching system, etc.) to guarantee your complete happiness.

Why Count On Us

If you sell cookies of any kind, CustomBoxesUK is the go-to packaging company. Multiple aspects of our business set us apart from other packaging firms and give us an advantage over them. You can stop looking now and put your faith in us or our cookie & food boxes.

Full Customization Options

It’s common knowledge that every company operates somewhat differently. We’re in the food industry, so you can rely on us to help with any special requests. We can create any custom inserts or divisions you can want. From the ground up, everything we do revolves around satisfying our client’s needs. In the communities we support, it helps us stand out more. We can do this by using a wide variety of packaging processes, including embossing, debossing, UV printing, mate laminating, and gloss lamination, to name a few.

Affordability Comes First

In light of the fact that we are aware that ripping off clients is bad for business. We keep things simple and open with your company in mind, so you can rely on us for all of your custom cookie boxes needs without having to shop around. We do not add extra fees or charge for dies and plates; instead, we just charge the agreed-upon amount. One of the biggest reasons our packaging company is the finest is this.

Environment-Friendly Packaging Solution

Because we want to maintain our status as the top U.K. packaging supplier, we work hard to provide cutting-edge options for shipping your cookies. Therefore, we must ensure that cookies are manufacture sustainably, without any chemicals or other ingredients that might compromise their flavor, freshness, or quality. Since our founding, we’ve made thousands of happier clients our priority. As a result of the creative and exquisite packaging we provided, all of our client’s customers were thrilled to receive their orders.

100 Boxes – Minimum Order

We at CustomBoxesUK need a minimum purchase of 100 custom cookie boxes before we can begin working on your cookie packaging. This will allow you to effectively evaluate the quality of our bakery boxes and determine whether or not they are suitable for the effectiveness of your goods. In addition, to foster long-term partnerships with our clientele, we provide discounted pricing for large orders of goods!

Best of luck!


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