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With our bakery boxes, you have complete flexibility of choice. We at CustomBoxesUK take great satisfaction in providing a wide variety of alternatives to meet your specific requirements. We can accommodate your preferences in a given time period.

You’ll have no trouble selecting the ideal size and shape for your delicious confections from the many options available. Add your company’s logo, colours, and message to bakery packaging boxes for a memorable brand presence. Because we care about the environment, you can choose sustainable materials without sacrificing quality.

Improve sales by using packaging that stands out and conveys who you are as a bakery. Put your imagination to work and give your baking goods a professional edge with our customizable packaging boxes.


Secure And Protect Your Goods In Our Bakery Boxes

Here we highlight the ecological and long-lasting packaging options offer by our bakery boxes UK. Our packaging is made with today’s consumer demands in mind. High-quality custom boxes with logo are essential for securing food and protecting it from bumps, floating, and other potential risks during shipping. You can choose food packaging that provides all your desired features from our wide selection of stock materials. The following materials are;

  • Cardboard Boxes
  • Paper Boxes
  • Corrugated Boxes

Cardboard Boxes

Custom bakery packaging UK can manufacture from just about any material, but cardboard has the most excellent uses. It adds a degree of longevity to the situation. That implies you can subject a tiny cardboard box to all kinds of pressure, impact, and climate conditions and it will remain intact. These boxes are widely use since they are lightweight and inexpensive.

However, bakery items should only package in cardboard boxes. However, their longevity is conditional on several elements. The thickness of cardboard, for instance, can increase the longevity of a building’s partitions. Our custom bakery boxes packaging is great because of their compressive strength. The quality of a box can improve by increasing the amount of force it can take before collapsing or distorting its shape due to compression.

Paper Boxes

Paper boxes aren’t as sturdy as cardboard ones, but they’ll last as long as you need them if you treat them carefully. The permeable surface of these boxes prevents spoilage during transport. Boxes can coat with water or oil-resistant material to increase their longevity.

Packaging boxes’ longevity is affected even by their size, with smaller paper boxes proving to be sturdier than their larger counterparts.
The durability of the box can improve by including inserts and cushioning inside. Paper bakery box packaging also considers the quality of the bakery boxes wholesale themselves.

Corrugated Boxes

Corrugated boxes are more durable than regular paper or cardboard packaging. These boxes are fantastic alternatives for storing and transporting smaller cakes (from 1 to 5 pounds). Triple-layer structure is the standard for corrugated paper. Corrugated material, also known as corrugated stuffing, has two flat layers and one wavy layer. This triple-layer design helps keep things from tipping over by distributing weight evenly while also managing stacking pressure and resisting compression. We have been making personalize boxes for decades.

If you need sturdy corrugated food boxes to ship your baked products, you can obtain them from us. Rather of having to shop around for many suppliers, you can come to us for all of your paper and cardboard packaging requirements!

Save The Environment With Our Custom Bakery Packaging

The use of custom kraft packaging has a positive effect on the environment. Without the use of bleaches or other chemicals, kraft material (which is prepare from compressed wood pulp) is utilised to fashion one-of-a-kind packaging. It encourages the use of renewable, compostable, recyclable, and biodegradable materials in packaging. These packaging options are eco-friendly because they mimic nature and can mass-produce with fewer resources. Businesses can help mitigate global warming by adopting this packaging strategy.

Brown boxes, with their lower environmental effect, are a favorite among modern customers who are well-versed in the pros and downsides of biodegradable and non-biodegradable packaging. These boxes are perfect for packaging baked goods and other foods and drinks since they protect the contents from contamination and last longer without adding unnecessary chemicals. Because they provide a physical connection to the product’s origin and component, kraft boxes can help establish a bond between the product and the customer.

Size Matters: Custom Printed Bakery Boxes That Matches The Dimensions

The box size is important to show off your delicious food dishes. Because of this, you can rely on our bakery packaging, which is made to fit the dimensions of your delicious sweets precisely. We care about your culinary masterpiece; therefore, we use standard cardboard box dimensions to ship it to you safely.

That will do double duty by preserving the quality and appearance of your meals. We can make custom boxes to fit your demands, so your culinary creation will be protected. Shipping boxes of various sizes are also available from us. In addition, here are some of the most popular custom-printed bakery boxes we show off:

  • Large-size Boxes
  • Small-size Boxes
  • Mini-size Boxes

Large Boxes

Our large custom bakery boxes are the best choice for presenting baked goods to customers. If you have really enormous sweets, don’t worry—we have packaging that can accommodate them. Our large boxes are perfect for preserving the quality and freshness of your cakes and other extra-large baked goods.

Cakes and other baked items can transport without losing their attractive appearance thanks to the durability of the packaging. Bakers and customers alike will like the roomy layout, which makes putting and retrieving baked items a breeze. Our extra-large boxes will help you meet the needs of your customers.

Small Boxes

Our small cardboard food boxes are a great option if you’re looking to package treats of a smaller size. The detail you put into your larger cakes and pastries should also be applied to your smaller creations. They should be making the same kinds of efforts to be there and provide your customers with what you want.

The same care and attention go into making our small boxes as our big ones. Although their dimensions vary, we print and construct each box to the same high standards. Pastries and other baked goods will fit snugly and safely in these boxes. Our boxes are the best option whether you need them for individual servings or as party favors.

Mini Boxes

We provide premium packaging services for your bite-sized baked products as a wholesale distributor of mini boxes. Little pastries, cookies, truffles, cupcakes, and other delicacies can all safely store in little boxes of the same high quality. In other words, our mini boxes are perfect for displaying your delectable yet diminutive culinary creations.

Minimum Order Quantity (MOQ)

We have no minimum order requirements for our wholesale bakery boxes, making them ideal for startups and other small enterprises.

Larger purchases, however, are eligible for more significant savings. However, we provide low rates for your low-volume order equipment. Because we know that minimum order numbers might be prohibitive due to fluctuating demand or limited storage space, we provide packaging with no minimum order needed!

Book your orders today and email us for further information!


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